We've got an App for that!

Safeguarding Provision C.I.C are delighted to announce the first project that we will be involved in. The issue we are looking to address is access to information that young people will need outside office hours. The process for finding a solution is to co-produce a mobile App with the young people of Pembrokeshire that provides relevant information to them.

Office hours cover, at best, 40 hours of the working week with some youth services delivered in the evenings. During the remaining 128 hours, it is more difficult for some young people to access services or even access information about what services are available in a crisis.  As young people often experience problems during the evening and at weekends when they don’t necessarily have the support of teachers, college or other adults – it is really important that young people are empowered to access information about self- help, advice, support and services that they may need in a crisis.

Safeguarding Provision C.I.C will be working in collaboration with Youth Services, Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services and young people to co-produce a mobile app with information about self- help, advice, support and services tailored to the needs of, and service availability for young people in Pembrokeshire. We will begin by asking young people three questions.

  • “What issues could young people face out of hours?”
  • “Which issues are most important?”
  • “What do young people need to know about these issues?”

From the responses to these questions we will develop the App content. We will feedback the developed content and undertake a further consultation with young people and service providers to ensure we have the right content on the App and that it is accessible to all young people.

Catalydd have kindly given us some funding to gather the right people together and to cover content development time. We will access further funding through grants, donations and fundraising once we have been given the content by the young people of Pembrokeshire.  This finance will enable us to commission a young person, undertaking an IT qualification to develop the technical side of the App.

Safeguarding Provision C.I.C will review the content of the App annually. The Annual Review will be undertaken in consultation with young people and service providers in Pembrokeshire.

We will keep you updated on progress on the project and any fundraising that is needed. If you wish to donate specifically to this project you can donate on mobile-app and we will ensure your donation is used on just this project.