Consultancy Services

Safeguarding Health Check

How effective are your organisation’s arrangements to safeguard children, young people and vulnerable adults?

Although compliance with Regulation and inspection expectation is important, effective safeguarding arrangements should deliver more than just compliance.

The Safeguarding Health Check provides an in-depth, independent review of the effectiveness of your organisation’s arrangements to safeguard children, young people and vulnerable adults. It covers all aspects of a safe organisation:

  • Governance, Leadership and Management.
  • Culture, Ethos and Values.
  • Policy, Procedure and Practice
  • Safe Workforce
  • Voice of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults within the organisation.

The Safeguarding Health Check is a development tool conducted jointly with your organisation. Your organisation will be provided with an evidence and research based report with recommendations for development. All recommendations will be based on providing a functional organisation that minimises risk.

Development of Effective Safeguarding Arrangements

Safeguarding Provision can advise on and deliver development of effective safeguarding arrangements in a number of areas.

  • Development of Governance, Leadership and Management Processes including Quality Assurance
  • Development of Culture, Ethos and Values processes including Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adult voice within organisations.
  • Development of Safe Workforce
  • Policy, Procedure and Guidance development and review
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Advice and Support on all aspects of Multi Agency Working to Safeguard Children
  • Workforce Development

Consultancy, Audit, Review, Safeguarding Arrangements Development Work and Policy Review are charged at £500 per day.

Please note that, in order for there to be no conflict of interest with other employment, we cannot provide safeguarding consultancy, investigation and learning, or training services to Christian Communities or organisations.