In advocating for, empowering and protecting the vulnerable, and in equipping others to do the same Safeguarding Provision will work towards interrupting injustice. For further detail regarding our ethos please read our first blog. 

This approach will provide the overarching umbrella, our ethos, under which individual, achievable and more narrowly focused projects will sit. Each project will have an individual vision, narrower community interest, and will build on best practice in relevant fields through an evidence and research based approach. Each project design will ensure close involvement with the communities that we wish to serve.

Safeguarding Provision's activities will provide benefit to all communities* in Wales but specifically......

  • Communities where identified injustices exist.
  • Pembrokeshire Communities (Parish Nursing for all faiths and those with none)
  • Survivors of Spiritual Abuse, health related trauma, bereavement and unpaid carers.

*We use the term communities in it's widest definition. A community can relate to a geographical area, town or county or can be used to describe a community of people with particular characteristics e.g. the Christian Community, Survivors of Spiritual Abuse or a community of elective home educators.

If you have any questions prior to making a donation then please contact us.

Current Projects:

Mobile-app Out of Hours

Highlighting Injustice

If you have an area of injustice that you would like us to work with you on then please e-mail us using the form below.

At Safeguarding Provision we take the protection of your information and data seriously. For further information please see our Data Protection statement