Replenished has now been established as a Community Interest Company in its own right. It will run as Replenised CIC as a not for profit project until we achieve Charitable Status.

Replenished aims to provide relief to those in need, caused by Spiritual Abuse: Coercive Control in a Religious Context.

This will be achieved by:

• facilitating safe spaces for survivors of Spiritual Abuse (of all faiths and none) to explore the next steps on their journey to recovery.
• signposting survivors to services and resources available to aid them in their journey
• walking alongside survivors of spiritual abuse providing a place of reference and advice, safety, peace and rest at whatever stage of their journey to recovery they are on.

Replenished will deliver a support line, website and a retreat for those who have experienced Spiritual Abuse: Coercive Control in a Religious Setting.

Our first priority is to establish a support line for those who have experienced Spiritual Abuse.

We want to offer more than a listening service. We want to work with callers to

  • Create a safe space for the caller to share their experience
  • validate their experience,
  • help callers clarify where they want to get to and the steps needed to get there
  • empower them to begin the journey; and
  • walk alongside as a point of reference on that journey to recovery

In essence we want to work with the caller to find their path, to empower them to begin to take the steps needed at a pace that is right for them and to be a point of reference when they need us along the journey. Support will be holistic and will use the model of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need. The ultimate goal is to meet needs and support the transition through the hierarchy of need to a level of recovery where our services are no longer needed.

Further information about what we want to achieve can be found at

To deliver a support line 7 days a week and website we need 500 recurring donations equivalent to £10 a month. 

To deliver a retreat for those who have experienced spiritual abuse alongside the support line we need 1000 recurring donations equivalent to £10 a month.

If you would like to make a recurring donation then please sign up and we can send you details through for you to set up a standing order. Your e-mail will only be used to send details to set up direct debit and then to send updates on Replenished activity and achievements. All data will be stored in line with data protection legislation.

Alternatively you can make a one off donation through paypal by clicking on the Donate to Replenished button.